Recent Events

Click on F for the flyer for the concert, P for the programme, B for the biography and WS for the web site of the artist.


March Sean Shibe P WS F


November Kosmos P WS F

October Cavendish Winds P WS F

September Paul Galbraith P WS F

June A4 Brass Quartet P WS F

April Vida Guitar Quartet P WS F

March Savitri Grier and Richard Uttley P SGWS RUWS F


November Fieri Consort P WS F

October Andrey Lebedev and Iosif Purits P WSAL WSIP F

September Trio Goya P WS F

May Palisander Recorder Quartet P WS F

April Gary Ryan P WS F

March Guy Johnston and Tom Poster P WSGJ WSTP F


November Piatti String Quartet P WS F

October Ferio Saxophone Quartet P WS F

September Laura Snowden P WS F

May Rachel Podger and Jane Rogers P F

April Alumni of the Choir of Clare College P WS F

March Clive Carroll F WS


November Hermanos Corbalán F P WS

October The Temple Ensemble F P WS

September Mark Eden and Christopher Stell, Guitar duo WS P

August Rachel Podger and Brecon Baroque WS RP, WS BB, F

June The Aurora Trio WS P

May Sean Shibe guitar WS P

April Amy Harman and Tom Poster WS /AH, WS/TP, P


December Cavaleri Quartet B WS

November Daniela Rossi B P F

October Rachel Podger B P WS

May Luigi Attademo F WS

April Merry Opera, Messiah F WS

March Notus Winds F WS


November Apollo5 F WS

October The Mandolinquents F WS

September Concert Royal F WS

June The Arctic Guitar Trio F WS

May The Piatti String Quartet return F WS

April Alexander Ullman (piano) F

March The Piatti String Quartet F WS


November The O Duo (percussion): Oliver Cox and Owen Gunnell F WS

September Manus Noble (guitar) F WS

May Staff and Students of the Curtis Institute of Music (Philadelphia, USA): The Dover String Quartet with Roberto Diaz (viola) and Alexander Ullman (piano) F WS

April La Nuova Musica (directed by David Bates) F WS

with Katherine Crompton (soprano) WS


November Apollo5 (a cappella quintet) F WS

November Berta Rojas (guitar) F WS

October Fabio Zanon (guitar) F WS

May The Tetra Guitar Quartet F WS

March The Piatti String Quartet F WS


November The Carrivick Sisters (folk duo) F WS

October The Fontanella Recorder Quintet F WS

July The De Parys Trio

May Staff and Students of the Curtis Institute:

String Quartet with Pamela Frank (violin),

Mikael Eliasen (piano) and Jazimina MacNeil (soprano) WS

April VOCE (choral ensemble) WS